The Circle is a collective of peers who endeavor to serve as one another's "personal board of directors".

Peers whose shared experience is a continuously swirling concoction of life-changing conquests and gut-wrenching mishaps and soul-crushing setbacks. Peers who possess two essential qualities as leaders--the grit to persevere and someone with scar tissue to turn to. 

Grit is hard coded into your DNA. Someone with scar tissue is where The Circle comes in. This is a place for conversation -- real conversation. There's no posting, commenting, threading, meming, tweeting, pinning, poking, snapping or any other digital form of "-ing" going on here. Under a cone of silence, you'll sit face-to-face and elbow-to-elbow with those who are operating companies at your same size and speed.

The format? A kitchen table, of course. The topics? Your most pressing matters. The discussion? Facilitated by fellow Circle members. The tone? Unabashedly messy and imperfect. The outcome? The realization that you're far from alone and the ability to see around corners so you know what's coming at you.

To learn more about The Circle send us a note at

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The ethos of The Circle is “give to get”. The belief that your ears are infinitely more valuable to the collective than your vocal cords. The patience in knowing that the fastest path to getting your issues addressed is by first helping solve another's vexing dilemma. Then, with a newly formulated plan in hand, you can go with conviction to your boss and your team with the course of action to be taken. 



The price? Being a member of The Circle will cost you your most precious resources--
space in your calendar. A measure of your time to serve on a personal board of directors while others serve on yours. This is the fabric that knits this collective tightly together.